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“Meru Herbs Kenya grows, processes and exports high quality organically certified Herbal teas & Jams through Fair Trade Channels. The products have no additives, colorants or preservatives. Meru Herbs has moved from providing subsistence to providing a cash crop to processing and producing quality gourmet products for export around the world. Since the year 1991 when it was founded, Meru herbs has expanded their markets both locally and internationally. Currently 90 per cent of its produce is exported to Europe and Japan and 10 per cent is sold to the local market”

“PEMA Foods Company Limited, stores and provides high quality cereals to learning and hospitality institutions; the Community at affordable price saving them the hassle of storage and transportation. The company was founded in 2015 and is based in Trans Nzoia County. Their goal in the next 5 years is to become the main supplier of cereals to school in Western part of Kenya”

“WOTE Mixed farm sells high quality cereals, healthy live goats, and provides training services on better methods of farming to families and institutions at affordable prices thus sustainable foods and improved productivity for the people of Makueni County. The farm was founded in 2015”

“Magadi Meat Enterprise Ltd (MMEL) is a for-profit social enterprise which deals mainly with meat processing and also supplies improved, tested quality meat to schools and local consumers within Magadi environs and beyond. The company was founded 2016.”

“Located in Kilgoris, Narok County the farm Produces quality milk which gives nutritional value to their customers”

“Selling high quality, fresh, hygienic, milk and cheese to the local people and co-operative society in Mathari”

“Runaz Evergreen farm is an agri farm that produces and markets variety of fresh farm and animal products; with an aim of providing consistent quality nutrition for family, to reduce nutrition-related diseases and ensure sustainable food security. Runaz is located in Meru County, along the new tarmac road that connects Meru and Isiolo. It is approximately 8 KM from Meru town and 7 KM to Isiolo town.

“This startup company will be founded by Stephen Ndanga. He will be joined by a team of two experts to propel the business to greater heights. SkanSprings produces quality rabbit meat which has low fat saturation at competitive prices. The meat provides nutrients needed for optimal health to persons with special health needs unlike other animal proteins that have high fat saturation"

“Gracann Enterprises produces organically grown rabbit meat and related products, making it the best alternative source of white meat that’s of high nutritional value, highly digestible and prevent lifestyle diseases like coronary ailments. The products are highly recommended for infants, children, elderly and people with lifestyle diseases”

“Based in Bungoma County, BumulaFarm produces quality, affordable Indigenous chicken for meat and eggs, nutritious vegetable packs and fresh milk for households, institutions and supermarkets thus promoting a healthy community and job creation. Founded in 2015 they have managed to sell over 2000 chicken and 500 trays of eggs.”

“Mustard enterprise company is a food processing company formed to process and distribute nutritional high quality standard Jards uji flour to its consumers in Kenya. The company is located in Nakuru town with raw materials supplied mainly from Kisii, Migori, Busia and Meru. Jocelyn is also involved in an institution called Ukombozi Saaco which offers financial services through prudent management to members and stakeholders for economic empowerment and growth.”

“Trueways Enterprises Ltd is a woman lead business registered as a limited company in August 2008. The company endeavors to produce and supply quality food products that include honey and Beeswax valued added products. These include beauty products such as bee wax moisturing cream, crayons, modeling plastacine, nutritional health snacks and dried fruits glazed with honey.”

“Over 4 million small scale Kenyan farmers have suffered for more than 3 decades with diminishing yields from their farms. This has mainly been caused by oil degradation and other factors like drought and lack of funds to buy the correct farm inputs KOFAR Kenya Ltd as a social enterprise produces the much needed fortified compost and soil conditioners that reverse acidity, boost moisture retention and increase quality food production. Our products have been approved by our Government and adopted by a few farmers who can afford the $200 worth of our products to rectify an acre of land.

"Kilimo Lts is a start-up food processing company focused on addressing micronutrient hunger, improving the livelihoods of local communities through providing alternative sources of income and promoting re-forestation.”

“Agricultural Consulting and Support Services Ltd (Agricss) offers Quality Management System training/awareness and advisory services in Horticulture (flowers, fruits, and vegetables) and cash crops across Kenya and the Region. 

Founded in 2014, Agricss is helping farmers and agricultural related companies develop, establish and maintain quality checks that are simple, practical and in alignment with global standards and certifications such as HACCP, BRC Packaging and Food Safety standard, GlobalG.A.P, GRASP, UTZ certified, Rainforest Alliance (RA), Sustainable Agriculture Network (SAN) and ISO9001:2008. Also creating robust and competent teams that lead sustainable and accountable processes from the inside and therefore competitive in the market place .

“Frigreens Enterprises works with peri-urban farmers in poultry production through linkages. Organizes quarterly farmers training and linking them with markets. The trainings have impacted many farmers particularly the young women by improving the skills with which they approach agribusiness.”

“St Joseph Kibiko Farm belongs to the congregation of the LITTLE DAUGHTERS OF ST JOSEPH . it is a 15 acre working farm with varieties of vegetables, fruits and trees. From the time the congregation bought the land it has been used as vegetable garden for money saving / economic reasons. The formation house of the congregation has been for a period of 50yrs financed by Italian communities. But with the uncertainty of the economic crisis in Europe many donors have reduced their donations thus affecting the growth and the sustainability of the formation houses and also the increase of girls in the formation house has triggered the congregation‟s wish to utilize this land for sustainability of its three formation houses and to bring new modern technology of farming to the local community.”


Business Services

“Think Opal is a Marketing Consultancy Firm that focuses on the creation of  an efficient ecosystem for its clients by bringing on board creative and cost-effective Marketing solutions to social enterprises.  

Driven with the purpose to be the best in the world at building scalable,  sustainable and profitable social enterprises and a mission to provide cost-effective marketing solutions. Think Opal aims to be East Africa's majority contributor to employment through our work.  

We provide the following services to our clients;  

1. Marketing Strategy & Plan  

2. Market Entry Strategy  

3. Content Marketing  

4.Retention Strategy . 

“Linic Enterprises Ltd is a hospitality and housekeeping service provider that specializes in hospitality consultancy and cleaning services. Linic Enterprise Limited has grown in leaps and bounds. Some of the clientel they serve include The Sarova group of hotels, Equity Bank, Gertrude children Hospital among others”

“Jungle Beach Safaris provide reliable quality services that enhance pleasant experiences to both the international and local travellers while embedding the principles of environmental conservation and benefits to the welfare of the local communities”

“DANLIZ offers Sophisticated, Classy and Unique variety of clothing to the modern day woman, thus leaving them feeling satisfied and Loved.”

“Sidai designs is a for-profit social enterprise which makes and sells African wear collections for men and women of ages 20-50 featuring traditional designs and quality fabric in Kajiado county. Sidai designs sources suitable varieties of fabric and beads from ushanga limited, and art for beads and makes the products that are later sold to local and international clients through curio shops and various fashion houses, even though Sidai also does marketing, packaging, and direct sales of its products.”

“Diaper Safy manufactures re-usable baby and adult diapers that are safe, comfortable and pocket friendly. Based in Limuru the company was founded in 2014”

“Vine Mist Limited is a pan African company with imprints in Rwanda, Congo, Uganda and Kenya. Vine Mist Limited has ventures in the Oil and Gas and Mining industries. They now diversify into the food and beverage industry, given their business experience in service sector. Vine Mist Waters, as it was aptly named, is a new subsidiary of Vine Mist Limited with an initial plan to supply drinking water.

Vine Mist Waters, intends to provide quality safe drinking water to its clientele. They will deploy state-of-the-art technology to purify water, package and distribute the commodity to their target market. Vine Mist Waters will soar above competition by their irreproachable quality of water, catchy and caliber branding and competitive pricing.”

“Novelty venturesis a general for profit HR professional services organization incorporated in Kenya in October 2015 with a key focus of addressing the gender parity issue in the labor market of the women under representation in the technical fields in the extractives and energy sectors. 

The core services provided are: Recruitment, outsourcing, human capital development (R&D) and consulting services. This is vital for future success of businesses, both of the private and public sector. Progress begins and ends with the people, encouraging them to embrace change will keep their minds open, fresh and competitive.


Renewable  Energy

“RIVAB Industries is inspiring livelihoods by providing smoke free, three times longer cooking duration and easy to store Rivab BioCharcoal made from biowaste. Rivab Industries is a company based in Gilgil, Nakuru County that started operations in February, 2016 and is set to scale wide by opening a branch in Nairobi by end of the year. The business has managed to have built a loyal customer base who have kept its operations going.”

“Founded in 2012, COREC recycles waste plastic into building hardware (fencing posts, roofing tiles, manhole covers, and pavement blocks) and sells this to developers and construction companies providing them with affordable and durable construction material. The products are made by blending consumer waste plastic and sand; this gives the products good insulation properties while keeping it affordable”

“Bioafriq Energy is a for profit company that manufactures carbon neutral biomass pellet fuels and distributes clean regulated institutional cook stoves aimed at reducing carbon dioxide emissions as a mitigation measure for global warming while increasing savings on cooking/ heating fuel costs for our target customers. With institutions battling with the rising cost of cooking/ heating energy and the inconsistent quality of fuels that are deemed harmful to the environment that are currently available in Kenya, there exists a high need for solutions to these problems. Bioafriq Energy Limited was founded in Kenya to address these challenges by manufacturing affordable carbon neutral biomass pellets of consistent quality from non-fodder biomass waste readily available in the country and distribution of pellet fired clean institutional cook stoves that are highly user friendly and produce no smoke or black carbon. Through this initiative, institutions are able to reduce their costs of energy on heating/ cooking while playing a critical part in mitigating climate change through reduced carbon dioxide to the atmosphere."

“Driven by the issues of unaffordable fuel by Kenyan households and pollution of the environment, I founded Sironka Briquettes Enterprise in 2014 that deals with the production of fuel briquettes (alternative charcoal) made out of the waste of charcoal and paper.

The enterprise is located in Ongata Rongai Kajiado County and is currently operated by 5 women volunteers who produce and sell briquettes at a small scale. I hope to upscale the project by acquiring a mechanized briquette machine which will increase the production hence create an opportunity to employ more women and youth in the community.

Information & Communication Technology

“Peter Ouma Oloo is the Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer of Social Enterprise Society of Kenya (SESOK). Peter leads the organization’s strategy, growth and impact worldwide including entrance to new markets and expanding diverse portfolio of high impact enterprises that have directly improved the quality of life of many people. Peter is responsible for the development of SESOK’S new initiatives as well as its capacity and investment strategy and tools. He oversees a leading multi-skilled motivated team of professionals and entrepreneurs to carry out SESOK’S goals while maximizing the organization’s resources and impact. 

Peter is an accomplished Social Entrepreneur (with key concentrations in Corporate Shared Value, Social Impact, and Sustainability). He is a leading consultant in these areas, and also in Business Modeling and Re-engineering for the Triple Bottom Line (People, Planet & Profit), Design Thinking for Innovation, Strategic Direction and Competitive Advantage, Operational Excellence, Access to Finance, Business Intelligence, Market Analytics and Research, and affiliated to numerous organizations.

Peter is also an experienced and skilled Information and Communication Technology professional, passionate about the infusion of innovative ICT solutions into businesses to automate and make them highly competitive, sustainable and profitable, while conserving the environment.

Peter also runs a top Kenyan blog and hosts a TV show both focusing on Technology, Entrepreneurship, and Innovations. "

“FlexPay Tech is an e-commerce firm that proffers a platform for businesses to expand their reach and growth into new markets. FlexPay has hearkened to the call of the low and middle income who cannot afford to make a one-off payment for goods at retail outlets. The company offers a flexible payment option that allows customers to reserve goods and make payments at their own pace through mobile money”

Financial Services



“Afri Care Logistics Solution provides excellent laboratory sample transport service in a humane, secure, efficient and timely manner ensuring faster diagnosis to a greater customer satisfaction. The company was founded in 2015 and is located in Kisumu County”

“STMH-K is a Faith Based Not for Profit Health Care organisation founded and managed by the Little Sisters of St. Therese of the Child Jesus in 1967. From very humble beginnings in borrowed space, the hospital that now provides comprehensive outpatient and inpatient healthcare services including highly specialised surgical services; has grown both in scope and complexity.

STMH-K is a household name in quality healthcare provision in the larger Eastern region extending to Isiolo and Marsabit.

The hospital envisions being a world class hospital offering quality, holistic healthcare, teaching and referral services responsive to the needs of time.

In line with its mission, the hospital continues to offer accessible, affordable quality healthcare provision to all, through motivated caregivers in accordance in accordance with the Social Teachings of the Catholic Church and the set professional standards in the spirit of its motto “To Love and To Serve""

“Living Hope Counseling Centre is an institution which is founded on Christian values, and stands on the key pillars of inspiration, motivation and servant leadership. Living Hope is committed to ensuring the growth and mentorship of leaders who will be front runners of positive change and pioneer transformation in different spheres of live and who will seek to change the African narrative positively. This positive change revolves around the belief in the intrinsic worth and potential of every person, and that the key to transformation is empowerment through knowledge of Truth .”

Education & Training

“Needle of Hope equips young people with professional and technical skills for their self-realization through sustainable employment and talents expression”

“Jackie Malomba is a seasoned banker, entrepreneur and consultant with a strong financial knowledge in the emerging Women Markets across Africa. She has been involved in strategic partnerships between women entrepreneurs and various for profit and non-profit organizations. This has enabled her facilitate mentorship for start-ups and financial inclusion amongst small and medium women entrepreneurs from fund providers such as International Finance Corporation (IFC) and Goldman Sachs. She is also an active contributor to regional and international development forums for entrepreneurs such the British Council, European Markets Research Centre (EMRC), Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) and World Trade Organization (WTO). Locally, she is involved in various organizations including the Kenya chapter Board of Barcelona’s Africa Digna Foundation which provides High school and University scholarships for the girl child, the gender agenda for Kenya Private Sector Alliance (KEPSA)- Gender & Youth Sector, Wecreate Centre as Master Mentor and various women organizations across Kenya. Currently doing her MBA in Global Business Sustainability, Social Enterprises at Tangaza University and Milan Catholic University.”

“Left-handed people account for approx 10% of the world population. Because of the low percentages, they are usually left to adapt to a right-handed world with no consideration to the issues affecting them. To address the plight of lefties, LeftyKenya was founded. LeftyKenya is the voice of the Left handed in our society, advocating for awareness, equality, and acceptance. We facilitate awareness training for teachers, parents and the community. We bring together left-handers to share their challenges and deliberate on solutions. The LeftyStore locally avails products specially designed for the left-handers to enable them to go about their tasks safely and comfortably. Our overall aim is to be the hub for all things left-handed and provide support to left-handers to enable them operate comfortably and safely to realize their full potential.

“Building Africa from Africa (BAFA) is a membership organization registered in Kenya in 2016 under Limited Companies. As a transformative organization, the BAFA establishment was informed by the challenge of sustainability of projects and institutions and gaps in the field of projects planning and management, lack of effective skills and knowledge on personal and institutional development, research based advocacy and policing for scaling up local African initiatives to enhance social transformation in Africa and beyond. The objectives of the organization are to a)carry out research to understand social injustices issues among communities trapped in extreme poverty, b) provide support services in project planning and management strategies for community programmes, institutions, and organizations, c) provide support services for women and girls, men and boys sexual and reproductive health, d) provide services in psycho-socio education in schools, e) build capacities of individuals and institutions on pragmatic areas of social transformation (environment and food security, problem posing and solving education, transformative leadership and management, creativity and innovation).”

“Africa Kids Book Club is a community of children who are brought together by their love for books. Through the support of their parents/guardians, they are enrolled as members of the book club.

The book club was founded in Nairobi by Monica Nyambura an African author. The club is managed by a team of professionals who also facilitate the book club review sessions.

The book club membership is open to children between 4- 14 years old. 

The children are grouped into age clusters with a maximum number of 10 children per age group. 

The age clusters are as follows; (4-6yrs) (7-9yrs) (10-14yrs)

We meet every last Saturday of the month for a book review session from 2-4pm. We do not have a permanent venue since the children like visiting different places such as parks, museums, heritage sites within Nairobi and its environs.”

“Institutional strengthening and community development:

- Resource mobilization

- Business development

- Food security & sustainable agriculture

Mainstreaming gender & youth concerns in social-economic development.

- Promotion & management of the cooperative movement (History, Philosophy & evolution of Cooperative spectrum)

- Empowerment of grassroots farmers

- Training on entrepreneurship & agribusiness

- Impact of family dynamics on national growth & development

- Holistic guidance & counseling

- Management & implementation of training forums (ToT)”

Water & Sanitation

“STAMP Investments distributes briquettes and multitasking fuel efficient stoves which enables schools and households in Kenya have access to safe drinking water thus a reduction in water borne diseases, save time and fuel costs (75 %) while cooking. The company was founded in 2012 and it’s based in Nairobi"

“SawaYume Kenya exists to Provide low cost housing materials and improved sanitation products and services such as latrine concrete slabs, pit covers and hand washing cans to rural and peri-urban households at subsidized prices through flexible modes of payment”

“Water is essential to life. From quenching our thirst to producing food, manufacturing goods and enabling transportation, water is essential to every aspect of life. Public works companies place a dollar value on your usage, but is that the true value of water?

At Japmor Kenya, a social Enterprise founded in 2009, we handle water as a key component in tackling Social, Health, Education and Environmental Needs using a blended – value business model.

We engage in purposeful collaborations and partnerships in matters water, to complete the crucial link in all social development concerns.


“The Kenyan urban areas experience an annual shortfall of housing exceeding 250,000 units per annum. Great Concepts General Trading Ltd. is a real estate development company that provides low cost modern housing which are affordable, durable and adequate for the lower-medium income group of Kenya who face a huge deficiency in housing, thereby create comfort and security.”

Youth & Gender

“Changing attitudes about the appropriate role of young people in society and, in turn, providing them with real opportunities to participate and express themselves needs to be a fundamental principle of youth development, particularly in Kenya and other African countries that tend to value the elderly at the expense of young people. Encouraging young people’s participation in society will build their self-esteem and give them an opportunity to make a positive contribution to their communities. Additude Africa is a social enterprise that aims to transform young people’s lives by providing them with opportunities that help them achieve their full potential and shape the future with power and confidence. Our focus is on prevention rather than mitigation since it’s more cost effective and it’ll save many young people from falling into lives of poverty and hopelessness. By making rewarding volunteering accessible to everyone”




“Daniel works as a Business Coach/Consultant for students pursuing MBA Global Business and Sustainability (Social Entrepreneurship Track) at Tangaza University College a constituent College of the Catholic University of Eastern Africa. Prior to that he worked as a Growth Catalyst/Consultant at GrowthAfrica limited where he was involved in identifying and selecting committed and ambitious entrepreneurs with scalable business ideas and recruiting them to the GrowthAfrica cohort based accelerator programmes. He also worked as a Trade Developer for East Africa Breweries (EABL).”

“David started collaborating with E4impact initiative in 2010 as project leader in the Kenyan MBA, in 2015 he became Manager of East Africa operations of E4impact Foundation. Prior to joining E4Impact, David was the managing director of CoWA, a Kenyan Local NGO focused in training SMEs in income generating activities and employment linkages”

“She is licensed as an attorney in the state of New York, USA. She teaches corporate law and SME governance at the Tangaza College in Nairobi. She also teaches law at the Catholic University of Eastern Africa Law School. She is currently a doctoral researcher at the University of Eastern Finland. Her research interests are in the intersection between business and human rights.”

“Left handed people account for approx 13% of the world population. Because of the low percentages, they are usually left to adapt to a right-handed world with no consideration to the issues affecting them. To address the plight of lefties, LeftyKenya was founded. LeftyKenya is the voice of the Left handed in our society, advocating for awareness, equality, and acceptance. We bring together left-handers to share their challenges and deliberate on solutions. In addition, we locally avail products specially designed for the left-handers to enable them to go about their tasks safely and comfortably.”

“Reafric is a considered footwear from Kibera, as must-haves because it is one of a kind, fresh designs that are made of substances from the our mission, to the shoes’ comfort to one’s feet. We collect and sort garbage waste as raw materials to produce eco-friendly, fashionable, recycled shoes using traditional techniques that preserve our culture, respect the environment, and empower the people and these distinct designs are inspired by African's vibrant culture, colors, textures and way of life hence drives our motive of encouraging environmental conservation and building on the welfare of slum communities.”